Payment Processing Options

Collect club payments online from 1%

To enable your club to take payments online, a payment provider like Stripe, PayPal, SumUp will be needed. Payment providers provide a secure facility for klubs to collect payments. They charge a small fee for this service. Klubfunder adds no additional charges to this fee, therefore providing clubs with the lowest cost option to take payments online

So what the bottom line? What does it cost the club?

If your club was using Stripe to collect online payments, the charge would be 1.4% plus a 20p / 29c authorisation fee. Here's an example of a klub payment taken through Stripe:

Amount Paid €20.00
Stripe Fee (1.4%) - €0.28
Stripe Authorisation Fee - €0.25
Total Fee €0.53
**note Stripe charges vat on their fees in Ireland

Payment Provider Partners

Does your club have an existing payment provider you don't see here? We may be able to add it to our provider options! Contact us for more details.

Costs: 1.4% (+20p/25c auth fee) per payment (klubs preferred provider)

Stripe is one of the biggest payment procesing companies in the world. Stripe operates in over 25 countries with simple and competitive pricing.

**note Stripe charges vat on their fees in Ireland

Tap here to find out more on the Stripe website.


Costs: 1% (+20p/20c auth fee) per payment

Serving more than 60,000 businesses, GoCardless is the easy way to collect payments through Direct Debit at low rates. Operates in 30 countries worldwide

Tap here to find out more on the GoCardless website.


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